Our Approach

With over 30 years’ experience in risk management, prevention, early intervention, systems development and delivery, and issues resolution. We value empowering working relationships with partners and stakeholders to enhance business and management systems for the future. To build a productive safe organisation you must have , TRUST, RESPECT & COMMUNICATION.

Building a productive safe organisation requires the need to be honest, committed and fair this will build the trust needed to guide safety and health enabling everyone to be productive and continually strive to improve. The acceptance that people are not perfect and will make errors while embracing their participation to reduce, resolve and become resilient in their work ensures an included respected workforce with transparent communication and just processes.

We strive to bring new ways of thinking to create safety including:
• how to use technology to enhance reporting and visibility of performance across the business,
• Building organisational resilience
• Embedding Organisational Mindfulness
• Enhancing Mindful Organising, and
• Capturing the wisdom of the organisation

The traditional view of safety is to prevent things from going wrong. However, we view safety as the ability to succeed under varying conditions. Using Resilience Engineering theory to increase the number of things that go right, rather than to reduce the number of things that go wrong.

A Focus on embedding safety excellence backed by research and testable solutions to the front-line. Facilitating in-depth and constructive conversations between the organisation and the individual employee to discover the wisdom and knowledge. Giving control and responsibility back to the people on the front-lines.

Develop and collaborate with organisations serious about safety, who want to see results. We do not just tick a box and build a system, we build relationships and develop trust.