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RIIWHS204D Work safely at heights

  • The Work safely at heights course reflects the skills and knowledge required in roles undertaken by individuals who perform operational workplace tasks involving the requirement to work safely at heights in the resources, factory, construction, maintenance and infrastructure industries. It is essential for someone who works in a position where there is any risk of a fall.

More detailed information can be found HERE

RIIWHS202D Enter and work in confined spaces

  • Confined spaces are commonly found in tanks, ducts, flues, chimneys, containers or other similar enclosed or partially enclosed structures. They pose dangers because they are usually not designed to be areas where people work.

More detailed information can be found HERE

MSMWHS217 Gas test atmospheres

  • This course is for those individuals who may be required to carry out gas testing of an atmosphere prior to entering a specific area or workspace. Such as working environments which may be hazardous, unpredictable, subject to time pressure, chaotic and expose people to risk, on land or water, by day or night, or workplace atmospheres which may include visible and invisible hazards and hazardous surfaces.

More detailed information can be found HERE

MSMWHS216 – Operate breathing apparatus

MSMPER200 Work in accordance with an issued permit.

  • Whether working as an individual alone or as part of a team/work group and working in liaison with other team members, if you are a ‘permit recipient’ or ‘permit holder’ required to conduct work activities under the authority of an issued permit to work and within the context and requirements of that permit, then this course is a must for you. This type of work typically applies to all work done by maintenance staff and contractors and also to any other non-process work performed on the plant.

More detailed information can be found HERE

MSMPER300 Issue work permits.

  • This course is for those who are required to issue work permits to persons who conduct activities where hazards exist or specific procedures need to be followed and monitored to protect the safety of personnel and the integrity of plant or process.

More detailed information can be found HERE

MSMWHS201 Conduct hazard analysis

  • This course will teach participants the skills and knowledge needed to complete a hazard analysis, specify risk controls to bring risks to ALARP, identify relevant personnel, complete appropriate hazard analysis forms (paper or electronic), monitor and review effectiveness of risk controls.

More detailed information can be found HERE

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