We know that for both short-term and part-time engagements, it can take time and can be quite hard to find just one person with the correct skills and qualifications to support your identified need.

We also know there is a cost associated with hiring new staff.

It was these very challenges that really encouraged us to create our Contracting Services to our clients.

Safety Advisor

There are many reasons business might require a little extra, regular, in-house support.

You may already have an amazing safety team in place, but they just need an extra resource due to a project deadline or busy period.

Or perhaps someone from your safety team is taking extended leave.

Alternatively, safety may have previously been managed by a “non-safety’ person within your business, and due to growth within the business, or changes in the expectations from clients, the “assigned” person is no longer in a position to manage safety effectively.

This is where Effective Safety and Training contract services can come in handy.

Fire Safety Advisor

QLD fire legislation requires Fire Safety Advisers (FSAs) for buildings that come under the definition of “high occupancy”.

QLD Fire Safety Advisor Service

Our Fire Safety Adviser Service eliminates the risk and cost of having to replace your own FSA if they move on.  When it comes to evacuation planning, instruction and practice, you can be confident that our Fire Safety Adviser Service ensures your compliance with the training and instruction requirements of the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008.Our Fire Safety Adviser Service provides you with everything that you need to ensure that you are meeting the training and instruction requirements of the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008.