Forklift Refresher Training

1 Hour Per person

It’s easy to obtain an High Risk Work Licence to drive a forklift but are you really that proficient or have your skills degraded.

The course can be tailored to suit clients needs however workers will be training on the following:

  • Revision of forklift operations
  • Hazard identification and risk assessment
  • Forklift routine checks
  • Shift loads safely
  • Shutdown and secure forklifts
  • Assessment of knowledge and skills in the workplace

This is not a nationally recognised training course. Students who complete this course will receive a Certificate of Completion. This certificate is issued by Effective Safety & Training. We are highly experienced operators and accredited HRWL assessors

Risk Management

3 hours per 10 participants

Risk assessments, SWMS, JSAs, risk matrix – unravelling the jargon when assessing risks can seem like a minefield.  This course has been run successfully for front-line workers up to board members, breaking down risk management from legislation and understanding of hazards and risks, up to deciphering hazard categories, hierarchy of control and how to complete a risk assessment.

This course can be customised to include company specific hazard examples so the trainees use real life examples which turns into healthy discussions around risk in the business.

Safety Committee Refresher

4 hours per 10 participants

This course covers off on 2 hours safety legislation, from basics up to how to look up and understand legislation and 2 hours of running a committee meeting with a review of each role and concluding with a health yet complex role play of a committee.

Mindfulness, fatigue and distractions awareness training

3 hours per 10 participants

Often concentration levels, fatigue and distractions are not thought of in health and safety training.  This interactive training session gives the trainee an understanding of the risk of not having your mind ‘on the job’ with some interesting brain games and tests to determine how distracted each individual can get on the job.  At the end of this training course the trainee will have tools to increase concentration levels, and be aware of the risk of distractions.

Apply Chain of Responsibility legislation, regulations and workplace procedures

This course is designed for frontline workers mainly within the transport and logistic industry. It is however very useful for any workplace that uses transport to move their goods.

Workers will be provided an awareness, required skills and knowledge to follow the requirements of the Chain of Responsibility Legislation.

2 Hour training package that covers

  • Principal Obligations within CoR
  • Roles and Responsibilities of parties with CoR
  • Breaches and pentiles
  • Duties for each party with CoR
  • How to apply workplace procedures
  • Speed and fatigue management
  • Load restraint
  • Vehicle mass and dimension limits
Manual Handling

Manual Handling is not just about bending your knees and keeping your back straight. We can customise our training to suite your specific organisations risks and provide practical risk based training to you.

Musculoskeletal injuries are one of the major areas of compensation claims in Australia. At Effective Safety and Training how to lift and move is only the beginning of the training experience, please CLICK HERE to read more.