Adaptive Consultation

Creating an adaptive safety system involves everyone in the organisation. We can help you be resilient in the face of changing times. Building your capacity, increasing productivity and evolving systems of work.

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We offer a broad range of training courses. In conjunction with our training partners we can provide certified courses (VET approved) or customised training to suit your special needs.

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FSA, WHSO, Advisor

It costs lots of money and time to train a Fire Safety Adviser, Health and Safety Officer or Safety Advisor. We offer a cost effective contracting service to help with these vital roles saving you time and money.

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Dr Karen Klockner

Effective Safety is an outcome; not a system

Developing an adaptive safety systems requires dedication to trust. Organisations need to trust the people that work for them to perform the tasks and create productivity.

To have a pre-occupation with understanding the organisations failures (no matter how small) to truly learn and to use these failures to monitor and anticipate possible future events.

Refusing to simplify their understanding of the tasks and the related interactions from the internal and external environment to extend their learning and continuously monitor change.

All this builds sensitivity to the organisations complex environments to enable work to be performed in ways to improve productivity, efficiency, and safety while allowing the experts performing these tasks to shine.

This helps build the organisations capacity to produce while building the safety of work. Enabling employees to develop, participate, and control their health & safety outcomes creating the capacity for the organisation to be truly resilient.

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